Fort excavations causing damage to historical structures

Shivakarya Gadkot Conservation Society writes to District Collector
Fort excavations causing damage to historical structures

NASHIK: The historic forts, symbolising the bravery, prowess and sacrifice of Chhatrapati Shivaji and other freedom fighters, are being excavated excessively, thus haunting the existence of history. To save the forts, Sivakarya Gadkot Conservation Society, working continuously for the last 15 years for more than 60 forts, submitted a letter to the District Collector demanding an immediate ban on harmful activities. Nashik is known as the district of the high hill forts.

The excavations at Ramshej Fort, Harihar Fort, Pisolgad Fort, Indrai Fort, Hatgad Fort, Waghera Fort have damaged the historical structures like Samadhi (Warriors’ graves), Sardars' Wada, Soldiers’ Place, and Rani vasa (Queen’s palace). Even though the Forest Department is constantly neglecting the excavation, the district’s history needs to be preserved immediately. Also, excavation and construction in the forts’ vicinity should be stopped permanently.

Otherwise, the historical structures will become prone to damage during landslides and boulders falling at forts. In this regard, the District Collector should conduct a joint meeting of Forest, Central, State Archeology, District Administration and Fort Conservation Institutions, demands the conservation society. Three Samadhis at Pisolangad (Baglan) have been completely destroyed.

The Sardar’s and soldier’s palace at the fort named after Ramshej have been completely excavated. The idol in the temple at the foot of Indrai fort is missing. Ranivasa of Hatgad has been dug deep in the middle. Stone idols are missing at Harihar fort, while the forest around Waghera (Trimbak) fort is prone to deforestation due to illegal timber smuggling.

Due to forest fires, the biodiversity of the Sahyadri Mountains has been severely damaged. The forest department is continuously ignoring the harm humans are causing to the environment. In order to preserve the Gopikabai Peshwa Samadhi and Balkwade Bandhu Samadhi site in the Godavari area of Nashik, the District Collector needs to instruct the concerned department to stop neglecting of historical structures of the district.

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