FOREST ON FIRE: 10 incidents in three months

Fire at Manoli Valley of Dari village
FOREST ON FIRE: 10 incidents in three months

NASHIK: A forest fire erupted on Aadi Hill yesterday, situated in the Manoli Valley, located in the western forest area of Dari village. It spread across 10 to 15 hectares of land and affected biodiversity severely. As soon as they received the news, environmentalists Tushar Pingale, Bharat Pingale, and Shivaji Dhondge worked hard for three hours to extinguish the fire and save the remaining herbs and plants. They were successful in saving the remaining forest area by dousing the fire.

This is the 10th incident of a forest fire within three months, and these incidents are affecting the bio-diversity severely. However, the forest department didn’t catch any culprits, and didn’t event conduct the audit in regard to deforestation and forest fires. These plants are the lungs of the earth. Deforestation, illegal excavation, and forest fires are degrading the forests’ quality. Environmentalists are questioning the work of the forest and other concerned officials with regard to forest conservation.

Even though forest fires occur every month, the incidents have increased drastically within the past three years. Brahmagiri hills, Ghoti Morgad, Harsul Ghat, Maina Dongar, Matori Gairan, Sulka, Panjarpol, and other hills have witnessed forest fires in the past three months. These hills have witnessed irreplaceable damage, and still, the forest department isn’t taking any strict action against the culprits.

Sivakarya Gadkot Sarvardhan Sanstha, Vrikshavalli Foundation, Darimata Vrikshmitra Parivar wrote a letter to the Environment Minister Aaditya Thackeray, District Superintendent of Police, and Forest Department.

They stated how the concerned departments have turned a blind eye towards the recent happenings in the forest. Even after writing several times to the district-level authorities, the situation remains the same. In the forest fire yesterday, many herbs (Murudsheng, Kuda, KateSavar, Adulsa, Desi Neem), reptiles, birds and their nests; got burnt in the fire.

The entire biodiversity of the environment is under threat due to deforestation and forest fires. The forest, ghats, mountains, hills, biodiversity, wildlife, animals, and birds are in danger due to selfish human needs. People don’t understand the immediate need to save the forests. Even the officials assigned for conservation of forests and wildlife are ignorant of the loss.

Ram Khurdal, Founder, Shivkarya Gadkot Sarvardhan Sanstha

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