Food can be only grown on earth, soil must be saved

We were born from the soil and are going to mix in the soil again, says Sadhguru
Food can be only grown on earth, soil must be saved

NASHIK: Daily Deshdoot and Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj joitly organised the Save Soil Event with Isha Foundation. The event was attended by about 18,000 to 20,000 Nashikites. People were gathered to hear the founder of Isha Foundation Jaggi vasudev aka sadhguru.

The soil should not only have a large amount of natural elements, but also a small amount of chemical elements. So the strength of the soil is maintained. Currently, soil strength is declining in large parts of the country. The hardened soil has been degraded due to human behaviour. We have cleared 50 per cent of the land.

If we want to keep the future safe and away from famine, if we want to keep the coming generation safe, then the soil must be saved, the founder of Isha Foundation Jaggi Vasudev aka Sadhguru Interacted with Nashikites in a magnificent event organised by Deshdoot and Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj.

Sadhguru expressed, “If we want to prevent a crisis, we need to work together. The government has an important role to play in this. For this, a special strategy should be formulated to save soil. In which farmers should be kept at the centre. Farmers should be encouraged to organic farming so that, soil quality can be maintained. It is important to remember that since land is real estate, it will be used for generations to come”.

The founder of the Isha Foundation Sadhguru was warmly welcomed on his arrival. He arrived at the Dandakaranya on his super bike travelling solo. Deshdoot’s Chairman Vikram Sarda welcomed him with garland, and Deshdoot’s Managing Director Janak Sarda felicitated him by offering a Puneri Pagdi made with Yeola’s Paithani. The Executive Editor of Deshdoot Dr Vaishali Balajiwale welcomed Sadhguru with a symbolic gift of Panchatatva.

A delicacy of cultural programmes

The Deshdoot and Maratha Vidya Prasarak Samaj organised the Save Soil event was a true delicacy for the audience with cultural performances of different artists and art forms. The event started with the Save Soil anthem by the Isha Foundation band. After, the show was started with Nashik’s identity, Nashik Dhol, to welcome the audience. The Amhi Nashikkar Nashik Dhol Tasha Pathak played dhols while performing various stunts. The signature dhol pyramid was made and on top of that, a girl drummer stood firm and gave a salute. She also holds the placard of saving soil to spread the word to audiences.

The performance by the Shivshakti Adivasi Kala Krida Mandal from a remote hamlet named Phanaspada, Usthale Village of Peth tehsil was a truly different experience for the audience. The traditional tribal dance showed the relation of the human being with animals and the jungle. The dance talked about protecting wildlife, jungle, biodiversity and coexistence.

Kirti Kala Mandir, Nrityali Bharatnatyam Academy performed Mruda Vandana. The dancers took blessings from mother earth and urged us to Save Soil. After that, a group of table players performed Shrishti Naad to thank nature. The Sadhguru was welcomed in a Maharashtrian style. The Lezhim Squad of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vidyalaya, Makhmalabad welcomed Sadhguru on his arrival.

Use of technology to reach Nashikites

Nashikites who came to listen to Shri Sadhguru were surprised as the Deshdoot arranged a special radio frequency for the audiences. As the speech was in English Deshdoot translated the speech live with help of technology and transmitted it live on radio frequency. When Nashikites heard the speech of Sadhguru in Marathi translation, they left the premises with loud applause. Sadhguru also thanked Nashik residents for their efforts to save the soil. As the program was aired in Marathi on a 96.0 radio channel through radio frequency, the farmers who came for the program expressed their heartfelt thanks to the Deshdoot.

Special help from Police dept

The Police department played a crucial role to conduct the event smoothly under the guidance of City Police Commissioner Jayant Naiknavre. A total of 225 police personnel along with 17 officials were deployed for the event. Mainly, DCP Amol Tambe, ACP Dipali Khanna, traffic unit 2 senior PI Dinkar Kadam, PI Praveen Chavan, Swarkarwada Police Station Senior PI Sajan Sonawane and others were active throughout the event.

Nature comes to the rescue

As the Nashik city experienced rains on June 9 and June 10; it was expected that the city will witness the rain on June 11 too. Instead of that, the team of Deshdoot and MVPS continued its preparation with a strong will. Nature also came to the rescue and the rains took brake on Saturday. It helped all present to take the joy of the event to the fullest.


  • Sadhguru arrived near the stage directly on his bike

  • After the arrival of Sadhguru, many disciples became emotional. Many people started dancing with joy.

  • Many listeners joined hands till Sadhguru was giving the speech.

  • Sadhguru’s speech was enthusiastically applauding the slogans of Save Soil.

  • One fan was attracting the attention of many by participating by putting mud on his body and giving a message of Save Soil.

  • Five hundred volunteers were working since morning for this event. Therefore, despite the huge crowd, the audience was not inconvenienced anywhere. No untoward incident took place.

  • Everyone was able to enjoy the program without interruption.

  • Women and men of all ages, from the young to the old, attended the event.

  • The entire ground was packed and some listeners stood up and enjoyed the program.

  • Many people expressed satisfaction as till now they were listening to Sadhguru’s thoughts through social media.

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