Encroachments galore on smart road

Encroachments galore on smart road

NASHIK: Following relaxations in Covid-19 rules, Sangli bank to Dahipool area of the city is witnessing the traffic congestion as before. The slow pace of smart city works in this area and encroachment by some shopkeepers in the area is the prime reason behind this.

Slow pace of works under Smart City Mission

The works under the Smart City Mission are going on at a slow pace. There are traffic jams due to the diversion of the route due to incomplete works.

Encroachment of shopkeepers

There is no space to walk as road works are already in progress. In addition, many shopkeepers encroached upon additional portions in front of their shops and give this space on a rental basis to street vendors.

Demand to make encroachment line

Some shopkeepers oppose the encroachment. After a follow-up, there is a temporary action against encroachment. If an encroachment line is drawn there for a shopkeeper and there is an action against those violating the line, this will be curbed.

Indisciplined vehicle parking

Those citizens visiting the area for the shopping park their vehicles in an indisciplined manner. Many stop their vehicles in the middle of the road to do their shopping. Some people also drive their vehicles from the opposite direction.

Apathy of administration

Though local shopkeepers demand to draw an encroachment line, daily police patrolling, proper planning for parking, to address hurdles in traffic, the administration is neglecting this.

"The works under the Smart City Mision are currently in progress. In addition, there is encroachment by some shopkeepers. The anti-encroachment department and officials act against them temporarily. In addition, passers-by park their vehicles in front of the shop. This should be solved permanently." - Amar Sonawane (cloth shopkeeper / professional)

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