Follow restrictions on tobacco products, appeals FDA

Inform FDA about illegal sales
Follow restrictions on tobacco products, appeals FDA

NASHIK: The Food and Drug Administration has appealed to traders, sellers to stop production and sale of banned tobacco products. It has also appealed to consumers to exercise caution and inform the office on a toll free if anyone is found trading in prohibited food items. Consumption of foods like gutkha, pan masala, aromatic tobacco, betel nut and the like has adverse effects on human health.

According to medical experts, these adverse effects can lead to serious diseases such as oral cancer, esophagus, and pancreatic cancer. Therefore, the producers, wholesalers and retailers should cooperate the government by stopping its production, hoarding, distribution and sale of banned tobacco products, appealed by Joint Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration C D Salunke.

According to the release, all food traders should conduct their business in compliance with the provisions of the law and avoid any action against themselves while keeping the health of the public intact. All citizens should take special care while purchasing food items from licensed or registered food vendors. Also, if anyone is found trading in prohibited food items considering the health of the public, the people should contact on the toll free number 1800222365 and/or 0253- 2351204, appealed FDA.

“Food samples are regularly taken for analysis by the FDA. Cases are filed in court under the Food Safety and Standards Act on unsafe food items. It also carries a minimum sentence of seven years to life imprisonment and a fine of up to Rs 10 lakh. Also, under the Act, a fine of up to Rs 5 lakh has been recommended for substandard food items.” - C D Salunke, Joint Commissioner, FDA

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