Focus on children’s health, safety

Possible third wave
Focus on children’s health, safety
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NASHIK: Given the bitter experience of the first two waves of the pandemic, the district administration is working hard to prevent a possible third wave. Experts have indicated that like the second wave, there is a possibility of third wave. The third wave is going to be very important as far as the health and safety of children is concerned. The district and health administration is ready to take into account this danger. The district civil hospital has started a special department.

Also, 670 oxygen beds have been reserved in the district. Meanwhile, experts say the possibility of a third wave should be taken seriously. Babies need to be very careful. The symptoms seen in children will be studied. Efforts will be made to treat the affected children as soon as possible by implementing proper treatment. Getting the victims out of the corona trap will be a big challenge for the district administration.

At the behest of experts and as directed by the state government, the health administration has started preparations for the third wave. 670 beds have been reserved in the district. 10 in each rural hospital in the district, 20 in sub-district hospital, 50 in Malegaon, 100 in Nashik, while in Sinnar and Pimpalgaon, 100 beds each have been reserved. Nearly all hospitals have a central oxygen line. Therefore, there will be no shortage of oxygen, the health department said.

Independent task force

Most attention has been focused on children to prevent and overcome a possible third wave. For this, an independent task force of pediatricians has been set up in the state. A team of pediatricians has also been set up at the district level. The task force recently submitted a report to the District Collector. The report provides information on care to be taken to prevent COVID-19 infection, treatment of children and facilities. Some suggestions are also made.

Care to be taken

Pediatricians are urging parents to seek medical advice immediately if their children experience symptoms such as fever, chills, cough, dry cough, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, poor diet, fatigue, acne, or difficulty in breathing.

Be careful

A third wave is expected in the state, according to medical experts. The district health administration has made all preparations for this. Citizens need to be careful. It is essential to follow the criteria set by the govt. Everyone should get vaccinated when they get their number after registration. - Dr Ashok Thorat, District Civil Surgeon, Nashik

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