Flight service from Nashik to Belgaum resumes

Flight service from Nashik to Belgaum resumes

NASHIK: The Belgaum-Nashik service has been resumed from Friday, with 25 passengers departing from Belgaum to Nashik and 17 from Nashik to Belgaum on the first day. The service has been launched by Star Air. It has been decided to resume the service as restrictions are being relaxed phasewise.

The ticket fare starts from Rs 1999. Initially, the company will operate the service for three days a week – Monday, Friday and Sunday. Due to restrictions laid by various states to contain the new cases during the second wave of Covid-19, the number of passengers was lowered and companies had to suspend their service.

The services to Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangaluru, Pune, Belgaum and Ahmedabad were also suspended in Nashik. As all air companies had decided to suspend their services till normalcy, out of two companies from Ahmedabad one company continued its service. However, the services for the rest cities were suspended.

The services are likely to be resumed from July 15. TruJet air connectivity between Nashik-Ahmedabad however is continued without break. While air services by SpiceJet on Nashik-Delhi, Nashik-Pune and NashikBangalore routes have also been suspended.

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