Five lives lost in two months

Makhmalabad Road
Five lives lost in two months

NASHIK: One of the prominent village areas of Nashik city moving towards development is the Makhmalabad Road area. The ring road system has made the area all the more important.

However, five people have lost their lives in the last two months due to untimely repair works and delayed construction of footpaths. With development, the road has also become fatal for motorists. Various routes had to be traversed through the city to connect other districts. The ring road system has been in existence for the last five or six years, given the increasing traffic congestion in the city. The roads became an alternative for drivers for the vehicles passing through the city.

One of the important roads among these roads is Makhmalabad Road. This road from NMC’s Panchavati divisional office to Makhmalabad village holds utmost importance for citizens. The rate of the land adjacent to this road, which is at the top of the smart city’s list, has risen by crores over time.

However, no proper road planning, no pedestrian walkway, and vendors occupying the road have made travel difficult on this road. Therefore, innocent people are losing their lives due to inappropriate planning on the officials’ behalf.

Two days ago, a speeding private bus hit a two-wheeler, killing a retired police officer. The primary reasons for the accident are the lack of sidewalks and speed bumps and the need for signals. Two months ago, a woman lost her life while crossing the road. Various safety measures are required on his road to prevent accidents.

Since a very long time, residents, vendors, and other passers-by are demanding the contractors, people’s representatives, and administrators of the corporation to plan the road properly, install street lights and signals, and construct speed bumps and pedestrian paths.

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