Fire brigade’s work commendable: CEO Dr Gajbhiye

Felicitation by Shivyuva Pratishthan
Fire brigade’s work commendable: CEO Dr Gajbhiye

DEOLALI CAMP: Despite manpower shortage, Deolali Cantonment Board’s fire brigade department has saved properties worth lakhs from fire and many residents in the past year. The work done by the fire brigade department is commendable, stated Chief Executive Office Dr Rahul Gajbhiye.

As National Fire Service Day is observed on April 14 annually, Pramod Mojad, President of Shivyuva Prathisthan, organised a felicitation programme for the fire brigade members yesterday (April 20). Dr Gajbhiye was addressing the crowd as a chief guest at the occasion. Fire brigade personnel Sanjay Sakat, Bhausaheb Sanap, Jaideep Nisal, driver Jaywant Godse, Manoj Bhalerao, etc, were honoured by the dignitaries present.

While speaking to the audience, board member Pritam Adhav thanked the personnel and stated these real-life heroes save people from unfortunate incidents like fire, heavy rains, building collapse, and drowning. Pritam Adhav, administrative officer Umesh Gorwadkar, Pramod Mojad, and other staff members were present at the programme.

First honour in 30 years

Fire brigade personnel stated that for the past 30 years, no one noticed their dedication and hard work. For the first time, they were honoured, recognised, and delighted by the same. They added during unfortunate incidents, fire bridage personnel get the most calls as they are always ready to face any challenge and protect the residents.

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