Finish lunch in 30 mins or face action

Nashik Municipal Corporation
Finish lunch in 30 mins or face action

NASHIK: Looking at the laid back attitude of officers and workers who delay the work in the name of lunchtime, Municipal Commissioner and Administrator Ramesh Pawar has issued orders restricting the lunch break to 30 minutes.

After analysing the situation and realising most people remain absent during the day in the name of the site visit and return to the office after having lunch at home, the commissioner issued these orders.

As lunchtime is between 01:30 to 02:00 pm, some officers and servants visit their homes for lunch or personal work and remain absent during office hours, thus failing to address the general public’s issues and complaints.

No frequent tea breaks

No frequent tea breaks during office hours. Officers and employees of Nashik Municipal Corporation have to work in accordance with the provisions of the Maharashtra Municipal Corporation Act, Maharashtra Civil Service (Behavior), (Discipline and Appeal) Rules and regulations and maintain discipline. Also, all the department heads have been informed about the strict adherence to the instructions.

Permission required

If employees of divisional offices, including Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, headquarters, and other establishments of the corporation, have to leave the office for some work, they need to take permission of the concerned department head. It is not advisable to go out for lunch, tea, or breakfast during office hours.

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