Finding the solution to traffic

Finding the solution to traffic

Nashik: After successfully confronting the pandemic, now Commissioner of Police Deepak Pandey has shifted his focus to finding solution to traffic problem, besides cracking down on criminal elements in the city. CP Pandey has started studying the traffic problems in the city. He will now pay visit to various squares in the city from Tuesday.

Although Nashik city is considered to be better in terms of road network and infrastructure and smooth traffic as compared to other cities, now due to some factors, the normal traffic in the city is also getting disrupted intermittently.

This is probably because of increasing number of vehicles, unauthorized parking, habit of parking vehicles anywhere, violation of traffic rules, rash driving, recklessness of rickshaw operators, encroachment on roads etc.

During the festivals of Dussehra and Diwali, the main market places of the city, Ravivar Karanja, Shalimar and Main Road were blocked mostly due to traffic congestion. While traffic jams at busy Dwarka, Mumbai Naka, Gangapur Road traffic islands, as well as at many busy signals in the city are regular phenomenon.

The Commissioner of Police has started emphasizing on taking adequate measures on this problem. The commissioner has reduced the burden on the traffic police by explaining that it is not the job of the police department to check documents and collect revenue by blocking vehicles without any reason.

He clarified that the traffic police will focus on removing the obstacles to smoothen vehicular traffic. From Tuesday from 7 am to 1 pm, CP Pandey will visit every section of the traffic department. He will inspect the squares, main signals, areas with traffic problems and interact with the citizens of the area.

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