Financial fraud with SaVaNa

Financial fraud with SaVaNa
Fraud (फसवणुक)

NASHIK: The Sarvajanik Vachanalaya Nashik (SaVaNa) or Public Library members Deepak Jadhav and Ganesh Barve have written a letter to SaVaNa’s president and chief executive regarding the filing of a criminal case under Section 420 against the contractor who cheated SaVaNa financially. It is learned that SaVaNa had published a tender in August 2021 in various papers regarding various works.

The tender for pay and park of the organisation was given to Ganesh Nikam. It is understood that from January 1, 2022, Nikam should have paid a monthly rent of Rs 20,500 plus GST 18% for a total of Rs. 24,190 / -. A total amount of Rs. 61,500 / - was to be deposited with the organisation in advance. Without doing so, the contractor has printed the receipt book of Pay and Park in the organisation's name without giving his name and has collected the parking money at higher rates.

In any case, the organisation charges three months’ rent from the contractor as a deposit and one month as advance rent. Also, an agreement is made on behalf of the organisation. The parking rates are decided by the executive board of the organisation. The matter should be thoroughly investigated, and legal action should be taken against the person found guilty and helping. Also, by depositing the above amount from the contractor, financial fraud of lakhs of rupees should be avoided. This demand has been made by Deepak Jadhav and Ganesh Barve.

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