Financial assistance to auto-rickshaw drivers

Appeal to take benefit of scheme
Financial assistance to auto-rickshaw drivers

NASHIK: Regional Transport Officer Bharat Kalaskar and Deputy Regional Transport Officer Vinay Ahire informed that out of 24,143 permit holding auto rickshaw drivers, 5 960 auto drivers took benefit of the financial assistance scheme. The state government had announced a one-time financial assistance of Rs 1,500 for permit holding rickshaw drivers in the state on the backdrop of covid-19.

Both Kalaskar and Ahire have appealed that the maximum number of rickshaw drivers should take advantage of this scheme as the number of those taking advantage of the scheme is less. A decision was taken in a meeting chaired by the Chief Minister to provide one-time financial assistance of Rs 1,500 to the permit holding rickshaw drivers in the state.

Accordingly, a link has been provided on the website of the transport department to apply online at transport.maharashtra. for depositing the amount online in their bank accounts. Accordingly, out of 24,143 drivers, only 5,960 auto rickshaw drivers took benefit of the scheme. It has been appealed that those auto rickshaw drivers who have not yet applied for this scheme should go to the link and submit the application immediately. The procedure is very simple.

After the auto rickshaw drivers enter the vehicle number, license number, and aadhaar number, the amount will be credited to the bank account linked to their aadhaar number. Various banks have also been requested to expedite the process of opening zero balance accounts for auto rickshaw drivers who do not have a bank account and link those bank accounts with aadhaar number which are not linked.

"The state government has announced financial assistance of Rs. 1500 against the backdrop of Covid19 and very few auto rickshaw drivers in Nashik Transport Office jurisdiction have availed the benefit of this scheme. Therefore, the office bearers of the auto rickshaw union should also try to ensure that the maximum benefit of this scheme is given to the rickshaw drivers." - Bharat Kalaskar, Regional Transport Officer, Nashik

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