Finally road asphalting work resumes in city

Finally road asphalting work resumes in city


There is satisfaction among Nashikites as municipal administration has finally undertaken road asphalting work along with fixing the potholes in various parts of the city on the backdrop of the publication of news in the daily Deshdoot yesterday. Guardian Minister Dada Bhuse had set a deadline of 15 days for the municipal administration to fix potholes in the city.

Meanwhile, as many roads have not yet been asphalted, it has been demanded that the municipal corporation should pay attention to these neglected areas as well.

Due to the heavy and prolonged rainfall in Nashik, many city roads surfaced with big potholes in most parts of the city. The roads were in bad condition. Because of this, various political parties and social groups also held protests from time to time.

However, the civic body took action to fill the potholes temporarily, and no permanent solution was planned. The Guardian Minister Bhuse, who was enraged by the bad condition of the city roads, had ordered that the potholes should be filled within 15 days or else action would be taken.

Unfortunately, many major and inter-section roads remained neglected with no prompt action on the fixing of the potholes and tarring of roads. Deshdut published news about this. Now asphalting is being done in various parts of the city.

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