Finally, monsoon shows its presence

Godavari flooded with sewage water
Finally, monsoon shows its presence

NASHIK: Despite heavy rains observed in some parts of the state, heavy rains were expected in Nashik district. Finally, satisfactory rains were observed in the district, while, heavy rains lashed Trimbakeshwar and Igatpuri on Thursday and Friday. Nashik city also received continuous showers from Thursday night. A week had passed since the dawn of July and Nashikites were waiting for good rains in the district as well as in Nashik city. In last week of June saw torrential rains. After that, however, the rain disappeared.

Nashik residents, who have been waiting for rains for the entire month of June and the first week of July, were greatly relieved by Friday’s rains. After the alert issued by the Meteorological Department, the rains have been intensifying in the Nashik area since last night. It is raining continuously from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm. Nashik city received constant rains since morning on Thursday. Due to incessant rains, the city commuters were disturbed. The daily commuters who arrived at work in the morning were in great distress. Also, as schools and colleges have just started, students had to walk in the rain.

On the one hand, thousands of sewage water mixed in the Godavari due to the opening of the chambers near the Godavari during the continuous rains. This caused the stench to spread in the area. Gangapur dam waterbed visible

This year, the monsoon was expected earlier but even though July’s second week will be completed no satisfactory rains have been received. Although it has been raining for the last two days, if it continues like this, it will avoid water shortage. All the city dwellers are worried as only 23 percent of water is left in the Gangapur dam group which supplies water to the city.

Meanwhile, there were no rains in the last month have caused a huge decrease in the reservoir of the dam and the water level in the Gangapur dam has dropped drastically. At present only 28 percent of water remains in the Gangapur dam. The Gangapur dam group has 23 percent water balance. If there is no satisfactory rain in the next eight days, the city is expected to face a water shortage crisis. Therefore, the administration is appealing to the citizens to use the available water carefully.

The Gangapur dam complex now has 444 million cubic feet of water reserves, while Mukna has 377 million cubic feet of water reserves. Due to contaminated water in the Darna river basin, NMC has not taken up 100 million cubic feet of water reservation in Darna. Due to complaints of contaminated water supply from Valdevi, the Municipal Corporation has stopped pumping water.

Smart work faces criticism

According to the information received, the city received 49.7 mm of rainfall from morning 8:30 to evening 5:30 on Thursday. As usual, the first rains showed flooding of the Godavari river. With the installation of smart pavement on the river bank, the water level here has increased by five to six inches. Environmentalists once again lashed out at the smart city company, saying, “You spend hundreds of crores, but zero results on the ground, that’s why the first flood in the Godavari was looking like a gutter in the rainy season.”

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