Fertilizer linking affecting farmers’ budgets

Dindori taluka
Fertilizer linking affecting farmers’ budgets

NASHIK: Dindori taluka was witnessing a shortage of chemical fertilizers for a while. However, even after the taluka received a supply of the fertilizers, some chemical fertilizer companies are mandatorily linking various items with fertilizers’ sale and hampering the farmers’ budget.

Therefore, farmers have demanded the taluka’s agriculture department take stern action against the wrongdoers immediately.

At present, the pre-preparation stage of Kharif season is all set to conclude in Dindori. Various reputed companies are selling important fertilizers like NPK 24:24:0, DAP 18:46:0, and NPK 10:26:26, along with additional fertilizers worth Rs 500 to Rs 600 kg. Therefore, a 40-kg fertilizer bag, costing around Rs 1,900, is being sold at Rs 2,400 due to the compulsory purchase of additional fertilizers.

While purchasing chemical fertilizers from the Krishi Kendra, farmers are forced to purchase additional fertilizers worth Rs 500 to Rs 600. The purchase of these fertilizers is inevitable as they aid in the growth of crops. Even though some farmers are shifting to organic farming, many continue using chemical fertilizers for a better harvest and income.

Farmers feel they are being harassed as the government isn’t providing crop insurance for all the crops. On the other hand, they suffer from fertilizer scarcity. When chemical fertilizers are available, they are forced to purchase additional fertilizers. If they argue with the shopkeepers, the latter refuses to give them the commodity. Therefore, they have no other option but to buy the additional commodities.

What is linking?

Linking is the term used for describing the forceful sale of other items (fertilizers or seeds) by the shopkeepers, along with the in-demand fertilizer. The shopkeepers make the additional purchases mandatory for farmers, and the latter is left with no choice but to buy the fertilizers.

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