FDA’s Food Safety Week begins

FDA’s Food Safety Week begins

Various workshops for FBOs

NASHIK: The Food Safety Week has been organised Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in city. The week and first workshop under it was inaugurated at its Nashik office from on September 6. The workshop was inaugurated by Chandrasekhar Salunke, Joint Commissioner, Food and Drug Administration. The workshop was organised for sweets and farsan manufacturers. The FDA organises such workshop every year for Food Business Operators (FBO) before festival season.

The Ganeshotsav brings different food items in market and festive season begins, in such condition to avoid spoiling of food items in rainy days, training is given to FBOs by FDA. It is organized with a view to getting safe food. In these two workshops about 80 professionals attended the sessions and learned basic hygienes for FBOs. In this meeting, Joint Commissioner Chandrasekhar Salunke and Assistant Commissioner Ganesh Parlikar provided guidance.

Yogesh Deshmukh and Amit Raskar also gave a detailed presentation on the care and vigilance to be taken by the producers and confectioners while dealing in food items as well as the provisions under the Food Safety Standards Act. To make this workshop a success, Mahendra Choradia of Bhagar Association Nashik and Deepak Chaudhary of Sweets Producers and Vendors Association and their members cooperated. The meeting was chaired by Food Safety Officer RD Suryavanshi and Sandeep Deore, Tamboli and AR Dabhade were present.

Fourteen points for FBOs golden rules

  • The premises of the establishment should be environmentally protected and clean.

  • Raw food items should be in accordance with the provisions of FSS Act 2006 and these raw foods should be procured from licensed or registered food traders.

  • Only potable water should be used for food preparation.

  • Food should be stored in a clean and safe place.

  • The person handling the food should wash his hands before and after handling the food as well as after sneezing, coughing, using the toilet and other.

  • Food should not be handled while ill.

  • When making sweets, only food grade 7 food color should be used within 100 ppm.

  • Separate trash cans with lids should be used for leftover and wasted food.

  • Use by date should be placed on the tray of sweets kept for sale on the counter by the confectioner.

  • Instructions should be given on packaging material for eating within 10 hours.

  • People who handle sweets should always wear a hat, mask, gloves and clean aprons.

  • The gold and silver foil used in confectionery should be of good quality and of high quality.

  • Note should be there to consume sweets with in 24 hours.

  • Hygiene should be maintained against the background of corona virus outbreak and social distance, hand sanitizer should be used regularly and instructions given by the government should be followed.

  • Raw foods that have been purchased before should be used first.

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