Farmers welcome lifting of ban on onion exports

Exports allowed from Jan 1
Farmers welcome lifting of ban on onion exports

Nashik: Efforts to lift the export ban on all varieties of onion, which was a matter of life and death for farmers, have finally bore fruit as the central government has decided to lift the export ban from January 1, 2021. A notification from the directorate general of foreign trade said Monday, as the supply crunch eases with good winter harvests and brisk imports.

As onion exports will be opened, farmers across the district APMCs including the Lasalgaon and Pimpalgaon greatly relieved. Camped in Delhi, MP Dr Bharti Pawar along with district farmers repeatedly followed up with Piyush Goyal and Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar, explaining to them the plight of onion growers and pointing out the need to lift the ban on onion exports.

Finally, the efforts of aggrieved farmers has been successful. Farmers will benefit greatly as the export ban will be lifted from New Year. MP Dr Bharti Pawar thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Piyush Goyal and Agriculture Minister Tomar for their support to the decision to lift the export ban.

Millions of onion growers in Maharashtra had to bear the brunt of the central government's ban on onion exports since September, 2020. However, the decision of the Centre to lift the ban on onion exports at the beginning of the New Year is warmly welcomed by the Maharashtra State Onion Growers' Association.

On September 15, the government had banned the export of all varieties as a precautionary step since domestic supplies showed signs of depleting due to a bad winter crop and exports.

Onion growers will definitely benefit from this decision and in the future, the central government should decide on a concrete policy for EXIM policy on onion. The government should not only look at onions as a problem but also as a foreign exchange earning crop.

- Bharat Dighole, founder president, Maharashtra State Onion Growers' Association

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