Farmers to get cows, goats

Farmers to get cows, goats

View to boost dairy business, support farmers

Nashik : In a view to boost milk industry in the state and to surplus milk production, the government has decided to give Gir cows and Saanen goats to farmers. The money generated from the dairy business will help in strengthening the rural economy and will support farmers.

Through the State Livestock Development Corporation, work has been going on for the last few days to develop Gir cows which give 20 liters of milk per day and Saanen goats which give 10 to 12 liters of milk per day. The help of BAIF organization at Uruli Kanchan (Haveli) will also be taken in this work. Gir cows and Sanen goats will be distributed to farmers in rural areas. Sports and Animal Husbandry Minister Sunil Kedar along with MLA Ashok Pawar visited BAIF (BAIF Development Research Foundation) at Uruli Kanchan in Pune district. At this time, Sunil Kedar got information about the research being done on Gir cow and Sanen goat by BIF.

The country Brazil imported Gir cows from India about twenty years ago. Over the last twenty years, researchers in Brazil have carried out various experiments on Gir cows, increasing the milk yield to twenty liters per day. Research has been underway for the last few months through the Livestock Development Corporation. This work is in the final stages.

"If the Livestock Development Corporation and the BAIF come together, we will no doubt see Gir cows giving 20 liters of milk in the next few months in the farmers' cowsheds. The focus is totally on research accordingly" Kedar said. On the occasion MLA Ashok Pawar, Chief Executive Officer of Livestock Development Corporation Dr Dhananjay Parkale, President of BAIF Girish Sohni, Senior Vice President Ashok Pandey, VY Deshpande, Dr Jayant Khadse, Dr Swaminathan Adi were also present.

Canadian Saanen goat

The Saanen goat, which produces more than twelve liters of milk, is currently well-known in Canada. Research has shown that this goat will survive in the temperature and climate of our state. Research is underway to produce Saanen goats in our state through the Livestock Development Corporation. The BAIFs help will also be sought for the Sanen goat. The goat breed is supposed to help the rural economy and support farmers. As a result, along with Gir cows, Saanen goat will also enter the state in the next few months.

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