Farmer injured in Hyena attack

Farmer injured in Hyena attack


Panic gripped in the vicinty of Bejgaon village when a farmer escaped with minor injuries in an attack by hyena. The farmer who had gone into the field at night to water the crops was attacked by this wild animal.

This has created panic among the farmering class. There are reports of hyena attack cases earlier as well. Due to this recent attack, the farmers and residents have demanded the forest department to set up cage in the area to trap the roaming hyena.

As the rabbi crop sowing season of wheat, onions, green gram, vegetables etc. has set in with winter, the MSEB has changed the time of electricity supply, from day hours to night hours. The farmers in this area go out to supply water to the crops at night. Bejgaon is 10 km away from the city.

The farmer Jagan Sanap was on his way to water the crop when he was attacked by the hyena. When he was attacked in the dark, he was terrified thinking that he was attacked by a leopard.

He shouted out for help out of fear, hearing his shout, other farmers rushed in to help him. Seeing the crowd charging towards Sanap, the hyena ran off into the field. Sanap survived the attack with serious injuries. He was rushed to the hospital for medical treatment.

A few more hyena attacks are recorded here earlier. Deamand for installig a cage is picking up in the area following the series of attacks.

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