Encroachments suffocate Dhumal Point
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Encroachments suffocate Dhumal Point

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi


Heavy encroachment by street shops has suffocated Dhumal Point on Main Road which is the main market area of Nashik city. Due to encroachments, it is difficult to walk in Main Road and Dahipool Road area. In addition to this, there is a rush of auto-rickshaw drivers and four-wheelers.

Major roads heading to Gadge Maharaj Chowk, Shalimar, Dahipoll, Gangaghat, Panchavati, Ravivar Karanja, Red Cross signal, many small roads and lanes are connected to this Point.

Though the roads here are narrow, most shop owners in the area have displayed items in their shops on the roads. In addition, there is an encroachment by handcart and street vendors selling various items.

Adding to this, many Nashikites are seen doing shopping on two-wheelers. As it is the main market area, there is a rush of citizens to buy various household items. This area has witnessed more rush on Saturday and Sunday and public holidays. During the festive time, it is difficult to find a space here. In case auto-rickshaw and four-wheelers enter the area, long queues of vehicles are seen there.

Vehicles get stuck when two four-wheelers come face to face. There is a rush of flower vendors in the morning in Dahipool area. Vehicles of these vendors are parked in the middle of the road. In addition, trucks that bring material of shop owners here are also parked there. Residents of the area have demanded that serious attention should be given to this traffic jam and conduct measures to solve the issue.

There are encroachments by shopkeepers and street vendors on all the roads in Dhumal Point, Main Road, Dahipool Road, Saraf Bazaar, Sarkarwada Road, Ravivar Karanja Road, Gadge Maharaj Chowk and Dudh Bazaar. As a result, it is difficult for citizens to walk there. NMC and police should remove these encroachments.

– Damodar Khaire, citizen

As Main Road is the main market area, there is certainly a rush of citizens. Considering traffic jam in Dhumal Point and other areas, four-wheeler and auto-rickshaw should be banned on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. They should not allow entering the area.

– Pravin Saste, businessman