Encroachments causing traffic jams in New Nashik

Encroachments causing traffic jams in New Nashik

NASHIK: City and Industrial Development Corporation of Maharashtra (CIDCO), a housing organisation, established one to six schemes between Ambad and Satpur industrial estates to provide affordable housing to EWS (Economically Weaker Sections) and LIG (Lower Income Group).

However, with the growing population, encroachment is on a rise in the area, thus leading to traffic jams and illegal parking. At present, there are vegetable markets in Trimurti Chowk, Pawan Nagar, Shivaji Chowk shopping center, Dutt Chowk, Mahajan Nagar, etc, in the New Nashik area. The CIDCO administration provided shops to tapri holders in the Trimurti Chowk area.

Along with the vegetable shops, other businesses also kick-started at this location. This area is known as a major traffic area as due to poor arrangement of the vehicle parking, most citizens park their vehicles on road and block the road. Some businessmen have left the shop assigned to them and put up their stalls on the road. As there is a parking lot next to these shops, half of the road is filled with vehicles and leads to severe traffic congestion.

Fruit sellers and other businessmen have occupied the parking lot of Jijamata vegetable market in Pawan Nagar. Therefore, customers and other drivers have to park their vehicles on the road, thus disrupting the traffic every day.

There’s a high possibility that Nashik Municipal Corporation’s encroachment department is ignoring the area’s plight.

Although the CIDCO administration has constructed concrete blocks for the vegetable market at Shivaji Chowk shopping center, vegetable sellers are sitting on both sides of the road leading to Lekhanagar in the morning and evening. On Saturday and Sunday, it becomes extremely difficult to pass through this road as the vendors encroach upon the road’s major chunk.

At Mahajan Nagar, the vegetable market is set up under the high-pressure line of Mahavitran, thus putting the lives of shopkeepers and customers in danger. Even this area witnesses traffic congestion in the evening due to the absence of parking lots.

Looking at the new Nashik’s plight, the encroachment on the parking area and roads leads to severe traffic congestion. Citizens stated Nashik Municipal Corporation’s encroachment department and traffic branch need to work together to solve the traffic congestion caused by street parking in the vegetable market area.

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