Employees, pensioners warn Cantonment
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Employees, pensioners warn Cantonment

Sit-in to be staged if payment/pension is not released by Dec 25

Nashik : The Cantonment Employees' Union, and Deolali Cantt. Board Pensioners' Welfare Association have submitted a letter to the Cantonment Board of Deolali stating that both organisations will stage a Dharna (sit-in) agitation if they don't receive their payments by December 25, 2020. They haven't received their payment/ pension for the month of November. Now, even the month of December is about to end. They have ensured that all the guidelines of the pandemic will get followed while staging the agitation.

The letter by Cantonment Employees Union states that the salary of Cantonment employees gets over delayed every month. As a result, their financial hardships have increased. Most of the Group D employees are evening facing starvation.

The Union states that they had requested the board to arrange funds, but the situation didn't improve. They added that most of Group D employees and staff of the Health department have witnessed a decline in their standard of living.

As a result, all the workers have decided to perform the duty under protest, will tie a black ribbon on their arm. If needed, all the employees, after their duty hours, will organise a “Bheekh Maango Morcha" in Deolali Camp, and a ‘sit-in agitation will be staged opposite Cantonment Board's office.

The letter by Deolali Cantt. Board Pensioners' Welfare Association stated that Group D pensioners and their families are starving. They've put forth three demands in front of the CEO and Cantonment board. First, pension for the month of Nov 2020 to be paid immediately without further delay.

Second, written assurance from the CEO, Deolali, to pay the pension to the pensioners on the last day of every month as per government rule. Third, written assurance from the CEO, Deolali, to pay 25% unpaid balance arrear of 7th Pay Commission, to be paid in the month of Dec 2020 or at the most by January 5, 2021, without any delay. They added that the association will stage 'Dharna Pradarshan' for an indefinite period from December 28, 2020, if their demands aren't met.

"Due to the revision of pay and pension, an additional liability got created for CBD whereas, no corresponding increase in revenue of the board was observed. Also, an approx Rs 3.25 cr payment was paid to pensioners against arrears of increase in pension. We have projected additional demand for grants in aid to higher authorities to meet the shortfalls. Once the additional grant is released, we will complete the payment procedure."

- Ajay Kumar, CEO, CBD

"A lot of pensioners are facing various problems because they are entirely dependent on pensions. It is becoming difficult for them."

- Rohidas Shendge

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