Emerging role of music in therapy

Emerging role of music in therapy

Nashik: In the modern world, people have finally started accepting therapy and counselling as normal and a part of a routine. Earlier, people used to attach a stigma to mental health as they used the term “abnormal” for mental illnesses.

However, with the changing times and increasing awareness, people have realised that mental health issues are just like physical health issues. It can happen to anyone and needs treatment.

Society has become competitive and is developing at a faster rate. Along with development, stress, anxiety, and overthinking have also increased among individuals. Various therapies are being used by counsellors and psychiatrists these days to help their patients by reducing stress, improving mood, and producing positive thoughts.

Music is one such field emerging in therapy that has shown positive effects on people suffering from mental illnesses. From listening to music to playing musical instruments, music helps in rejuvenating the mind.

“Music therapy is a burgeoning field. People who become certified music therapists are usually accomplished musicians who have deep knowledge of how music can evoke emotional responses to relax or stimulate people or help them heal. They combine this knowledge with their familiarity with a wide range of musical styles to find the specific kind that can get you through a challenging physical rehab session or guide you into meditation.”

- Asheesh Devadiga, Singer

“When therapists play music, it develops vibrations in the brain that helps in soothing the mind and elevates mood. However, the choice of music is important in music therapy. You can’t play a sad song for a person who is already feeling low. Music therapy is a science in itself. One requires proper training in this field if they wish to practice it. Also, the choice of music should be in accordance with the problems/situation of the patient. When we talk about playing musical instruments, it helps in oozing out the frustration. Hyperactive children are asked to play drums as it helps in channelising their energy in the right direction.”

– Dr. Taruna Samnotra, Clinical Psychologist.

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