Electric charging stations mandatory per 25 flats

NMC puts condition for building commencement
Electric charging stations mandatory per 25 flats

NASHIK: The increasing use of electric and CNG vehicles has become the need of the hour. It is advisable to use electric, CNG vehicles to prevent adverse effects on environment. Electric vehicles have been made mandatory for Nashik Municipal Corporation officers and employees.

Municipal Commissioner Kailas Jadhav has given instructions in this regard. Similarly, to increase the number of such vehicles, the corporation will issue building permits only if a charging station where there are more than 25 flats and two charging stations if there are more than 51 flats, is provided. Only after that, the corporation will give the completion certificate.

At present, considering the number of CNG pumps, there are long queues in many places. This will make it more convenient for electric vehicle buyers to find a charging station in their society’s premises. So people will insist on buying such vehicles and will help to keep the environment clean.

This new initiative has been undertaken by the Municipal Corporation to solve the problem of battery charging of electric vehicles. Giving a charging station, like other facilities, is now mandatory when constructing a new building. Only after that will the certificates be obtained in that manner.

Similarly, Nashik Municipal Corporation has also started a survey of the Corporation’s premises at various places in the city. About 50 charging stations will be set up at these places on a PPP basis. Municipal administration planning is underway on that basis.

Municipal Commissioner Kailas Jadhav has expressed that if the vehicle owners get the facility of abundant charging in various places, electric vehicles usage will increase, and the environment will be protected.

NMC implements Maharashtra Electric Vehicle Policy 2021

The ‘Maharashtra Electric Vehicle Policy 2021’ undertaken by the state government for de-pollution will be implemented through NMC. It is also planned to procure environmentally friendly CNG fuel vehicles as large format electric vehicles are not immediately available to serve various departments.

As per Maharashtra Electric Vehicle Policy 2021 of the State Government, from 1st April 2022, all government, semi-government, local self-governing bodies operating in the city and vehicles purchased from government funds will be battery powered electric vehicles. It has also been made mandatory for all vehicles leased for government use to be electric.

The implementation of this policy has also been made mandatory on Nashik Municipal Corporation. At present vehicles serving in various departments of the corporation like ambulance, vaccine van, mobile clinic, water tanker, suction cum jetting vehicles, vacuum amplifiers, recyclers, hearses, Vaikuntharaths, trucks, tippers, tractors, excavators, utility vehicles, utility vehicles and utility vehicles. The vehicles used by the office bearers and officials for government work are running on petrol and diesel fuel.

Municipal Corporation is expected to procure electric vehicles to implement the Maharashtra Electric Vehicle Policy. At present, there are enough electric vehicles in the market in the form of cars. Therefore, it is possible to purchase electric vehicles for the office bearers and officials of the corporation.

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