Eklahare power plant unit under ‘overall’
Deshdoot Times

Eklahare power plant unit under ‘overall’

Nikheel Pardeshi

Nashik: The Stage II unit of Eklahare thermal power plant of Nashik, which was commissioned in April, 1989 is going under maintenance or ‘overall’. The validity of the unit is about expiring in January, 2020.

Last year itself the validity was increased for a year after its maintenance and repairs. A team of engineers last year visited the plant and after seeing condition of the boilers in the thermal power plant they agreed to extend the validity.

“Overall, is maintenance of machines and auxiliary for the better performance of the thermal power plant unit. The overall, is suggested in order to reduce the failure of machine”, informed Mohan Awhad, Chief Engineer, Eklahare thermal power plant, Nashik.

The sources from the power plant informed, “Talking about lifespan of thermal power plant, it is dependable on the boiler validity. The boiler validity is decided by Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC).

The overall is a process suggested by the concerned design and commissioning company like BHEL.”  The team of MERC will visit the unit again in order to increase the validity of boiler. If the boiler is well maintained, the team will give a green signal to the extension of validity period of the unit.