Eco friendly Ganpati worth Rs.35,000 booked

Eco friendly Ganpati worth Rs.35,000 booked

NASHIK: One of the city’s devotees has booked the most expensive Shadu Mati (Shadu Clay) Ganpati Idol worth Rs.35,000 at the exhibition put up at Mahatma Phule Art Gallery. In a joint initiative, Shadu Mati Murtikar Association and Nashik Municipal Corporation have put up a stall at the art gallery to promote eco-friendly idols and conserve the environment. The corporation has promoted the campaign on various social media campaigns.

However, the most surprising moment in the exhibition arose when a devotee booked an idol worth Rs.35,000 at exhibition. The idol is a beautiful representation of Lord Ganesh as the Mangalmurti is holding veena in one hand, symbolising the beautiful tunes sung by the lord. One of the hands holds prasad while the other hand is chanting with the help of Japa Mala (prayer mala).

The idol can be perceived enjoying the music and lost in the world of tunes. The idol makers take two to three days to construct these beautiful sculptures. The idol’s Sinhasan and Veena have been created without using any mould.

“As the government has come up with the rule of using Shadu Mati instead of P.O.P, the scope of Shadu Mati idols will increase. This step will help clear the misconception among masses and prove that Shadu Mati idols hold an equal amount of importance.” - Santosh Shaharkar, Santosh Arts, Nashik

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