Ease of Living Index survey from Nov 1

Ease of Living Index survey from Nov 1


The third phase of the Ease of Living Index survey, which has been conducted by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for the past two years, will start on November 1. In all the major cities of the country, the local bodies and other major departments of the government provide infrastructure. For this, the government is trying to provide these facilities optimally through various schemes from time to time. The standard of living in that city depends on these service facilities and the major aspects like jobs, education, health, transport, and weather in the city.

In order to review and improve all these services, the government collects information from the local self-government bodies and all other government departments in the form of questionnaires through the Urban Outcome Framework.

This year too, all this information has been submitted to the central government by October 15. The major part of this process is the stage of seeking the opinions of the citizens through the citizen perception survey i.e. Ease of Living Index survey, which is starting next month.

The survey will be conducted from 1st November to 15th December.

802776 is the local body code for Nashik city. After opening the link, after filling in the name, mobile number and information, you have to answer simple questions like roads, drinking water, health, transport, banks, public transport, and law and order in the city.

In 2018, Nashik city was ranked 21 and in 2020, it was ranked 38. So if Nashik city wants to improve its score this year, a maximum number of people should participate in this survey.

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