Drop in water stock in district dams

Gangapur Dam has 9% less water storage than last year
Drop in water stock in district dams

NASHIK: Hopes had revived on the backdrop of the depleting water stock in district dams after heavy rains made a strong come back and lashed most parts of the disrict on June 22. The already delayed Kharif sowing were expected to pick up pace. However for the last few days, rains have again taken a break which is worrying farmers in most part of the district as kharif sowing is yet to pick up pace due to lack of satisfactory and widespread rains.

The city on the other hand is staring at water cut with the stock in Gangapur dam depleting to 27%. Last year during the corresponding period there was 36% water stock in the dam. While as far as distrit dams are concerned, the reservoirs have 4% less water storage at 23% than last year's 27%.

Even though rains have arrived in most parts of the district, there is no consistency in it and as a result farmers in many parts are still staring at the sky for incessant rainfall.

Although there is no water crisis in Nashik yet, Nashikites however are expecting widespread rain showers. Water storage in various dams in the district has been reduced.

Alandi, Waghad, Teesgaon, Bhojapur, Kelzar. Nagasakya and Manikpunj dams have zero to five percent water storage. Gangapur dam has 27% water storage and Kashyapi has 16% water while Gautami Godavari has 23% water reserves. The Alandi project has only two per cent water reserves left. Even in the Palkhed dam complex, water depletion can be seen at the start of July.

Manikpunj, Nagasakya and Teesgaon have reached the bottom. Big project Karanjavan has 11% water storage at present while Waghad has five per cent water reserves.

Other two dams Ojharkhed and Punegaon have 26 per cent and 11 per cent water storage respectively. Barring big project Mukne (30%), Darna, Bhavli, Valdevia and Kadwa water stock is on the decrease.

There is 14 per cent water storage in Darna dam, 12% per cent in Bhavli, 10 per cent in Valdevi and 13 per cent in Kadwa. While Nandur Madhyameshwar has 79% water stock.

Chanakapur, Haranbari, Kelzhar, Nagasakya and Girna dams have also seen water depletion. Chanakapur has 20 per cent water, Haranbari 27 per cent, Kelzar six per cent and Nagasakya reached the bottom at four percent, while big project Girna has 33% water stock.

Citizens depending on Girna water are relieved as there is sufficient water in the dam which quenches the thirst of northern Maharashtra including Malegaon and Nandgaon. The Punad dam, which is a medium project, has 21% water storage. Manikpunj is dried up while the water problem of Manmad town is likely to worsen further.

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