Dr. Devika Patil first fastest Indian lady

Dr. Devika Patil first fastest Indian lady

Nashik’s six athletes complete race and become ‘Iron Man’

NASHIK: The competition which is to be completed on extremely tough and adverse conditions, ‘Iron Man’ competition was held in Germany. This tournament was held at Hamburg in Germany. Six Nashikites who are in different professions have completed this competition. In particular, Dr Devika Patil have achieved the fastest Indian lady tag by becoming first Indian female to complete this race, a first Iron Lady.

Not one-two, but six Nashikites have completed this extremely difficult to cross this tournament and has achieved another honor and added a feather in Nashik’s cap Nashik’s renowned Dr. Vaibav Patil completed this tournament in 14 hours 26 minutes. Dr. Arun Gachale made the name of Ironman for the second time.

They took up to 15 hours 37 minutes to complete this competition. Arun Palve completed this competition in 15 hours 4 minutes. Nilesh Zavar, the first of 11 hours in 59 minutes, Aniket Zavar completed this tournament in 14 hours 35 min. In particular, this team of Nashik was also involved Dr. Devika Patil. She won the privilege of completing this tournament in a record of 13 hours 3 minutes. Dr. Patil has became Fastest Indian Lady Iron Man. Earlier, this record was in the name of Blossom.

Earlier daughter of IPS Dr Ravindra Singal, Ravija Singal had completed this competition. After achievement from Dr Devika Patil, women are also getting attracted towards adventure sports. There were more participants in the list of Nashik for Ironman. In this, Dr. Subhash Pawar fell behind in swimming, cycling and running.

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