Dr. Chandrakant Phalke honoured with Bharat Bhushan

Dr. Chandrakant Phalke honoured with Bharat Bhushan

NASHIK: ‘Bharat Bhushan 2021’ is a prestigious award, certified by the Government of India’s Policy Commission, dedicated to those who worked for the benefit of society and country, and their extraordinary work made them stand out from others.

National Anti-Harassment Foundation in Bhopal recently announced the awardees. From Nashik, Dr. Chandrakant Appasaheb Phalke has been selected for the award. Dr. Phalke teaches stress management skills to the field workers at Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited.

Abiding by the objective, ‘even small level of accidents can be avoided by working with a stress-free mindset’, his work continues today for staff members, students, and senior citizens working in various fields in and outside Maharashtra. Today, his work is being appreciated from all walks of life.

A total of 450 proposals were submitted from all over India (from Gujarat to West Bengal and from Assam to Hyderabad) for this award, and the selection committee selected 59 names. It is a proud moment for the district as Dr.Phalke was selected among them.

To date, he has received many awards, including ‘Nashik Bhushan’ for his commendable work in the social, cultural, education, and literary field. For the past one and a half years, he has helped many patients recover from the stressful situation caused by the pandemic.

A radio station aired an hour-long interview with Dr.Phalke on their show ‘Rubaru’, and his work has also been recorded in the ‘Book of World Records.’ He has dedicated the award to all the employees working in Maharashtra and outside.

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