Do's and Dont's needed in pursuit of Artha & Kaama

Do's and Dont's needed in pursuit of Artha & Kaama


The dharma of life is to follow the do's and don'ts set to achieve the goals of life for ultimate satisfaction and happiness. It is through such a dharma along with the rules for Artha and Kaama that one can attain Moksha, asserted Chaitanya Maharaj Deglurkar as he was delivering the discourse on the tpoic Dharma, Artha, Kaama and Moksha on day two of the three day lecture series at the anual Late Bastiramji Sarda 60th Memorial lecture series on Monday at Parshuram Saikhedkar Natya gruha, here.

Elaborating on the role of Artha and Kaama in attainment of Moksha, Deglurkar Maharaj stated that, unfortunately in spirituality Dharma and Moksha are respected and reverred, however Artha and Kaama are not considered respectfully. They are considered as negative. One has to look into the role of Artha and Moksha in its right perspective as they too are needed to achieve the goal of life. But while doing so, one has to follow the rules in attainment of Artha and Moksha.

He cited the message from Hitopadesh stating that it tells us that Dharma, Artha and Kaama lead to Moksha. These four aspects are needed to fullfill one's responsibility of life as Purshartha. The scriptures state the importance of these aspects stating that all four are important but it will also add happiness to life even if atleast one is attended by human beings.

If the four aspects of Purshartha are not present in one's life, life will not be meaningful. Purshartha comes from what one yearns for, what he feels wanting in his life.

Artha and Kaama are also as important as Dharma and Moksha. Those who responsibily work towards attaining Artha and Kaama are not wrong. They are in pursuit of attaining fullfillment in life. However, while working in pursuit of Artha and Kaama one needs to follow the do's and don'ts. There are rules of life in these aspects and anything in unlimited measure leads to chaos .

Deglurkar Maharaj quoted from Charwak stating that it propagates that life is till it is. However citing meaning of Dharma in various scriptures, he explained that Dharma is working in the present for joy and peace after death as well.

All those who work in continence with Dharma lead themself to a peaceful life.

He explained the concept of forced saddness and thoughtful sadness. He stated that in the scripture Yog Vashistha, Vashistha Muni tells Prabhu Ramachandra to stay unhappy by his thought so that he can work towards goal. To be sad he said, is to take your mind off the things you like.

He explained that Saint Tukoba has also states that earning money - Artha through good deeds is the path of Dharma but if one earns through wrongs deeds like corruption, does not lead to peace and that cannot be Dharma. Things come to us come through two perpecives, one is physical and other is mental. The physically earned money can come by harm to the mind and hence need to be denied.

Those who work for psychological peace are on the right track, he emphasised.

He further elaborated the thought that one also needs to share his Artha. Keep what ever is necessary for you to live a decent llife and share the rest. This sharing brings in satisfaction.

Deglurkar Maharaj asserted that Artha and Kaama come with rules and rules are pertinent to life. One who follows rules attains goals. If Artha and Kaama are to give you pleasure, then there are limits to be followed. There can't be unlimited persual of Artha and Kaama. He also stated that these limitations are to be set by oneself and there are scriptures and the thought of Dharma which can guide you. If we do some thing wrong or illegitimate then the mind tells you to stop. But if the practise in life comes with set rules and limits through thought and intellect one can attain the goals of happiness that is Moksha. Dharma is not to be feared. it is simple way of life and behaviour through rules, he emphasised.

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