Don’t spread rumours about the vaccine, say experts

District Surgeon appeal after video of magnetic man goes viral
Don’t spread rumours about the vaccine, say experts

NASHIK: After a samosa shop owner from Shivaji Chowk was vaccinated against Covid-19, a strange phenomenon of magnetic force in his body had gone viral on social media. There was also a lot of news about this incident. After this, the daily Deshdoot tried to unravel the matter. Meanwhile, experts have clarified that there is no connection between this magnetic force and vaccination.

Also, District Civil Surgeon Dr. Ashok Thorat has said that he will send a report in this regard. He appealed to the people that no rumours should be spread about vaccination. Many misconceptions about vaccination are being spread across the country. A video of the development of magnetic force in a peRson from Nashik went viral while awareness was being spread for vaccination in many places.

Initially, representatives of daily Deshdoot reached the house of Arvind Jagannath Sonar (age 71) at Shivaji Chowk Shopping Center in New Nashik. The anti-superstition activists had also reached the spot. He said that there was no divine power, no miracle. After this, District Civil Surgeon Dr Ashok Thorat said there was no connection between vaccination and magnetic force. The matter will be investigated scientifically. He also said that he would send a report in this regard.


The Daily Deshdoot has investigated the news in depth by discussing the matter with various experts and activists. Daily Deshdoot believes that there should not be any so confusion among readers and maintain credibility. The motive is that there should no misconceptions about vaccination spread among the citizens.

“No vaccine can bring the magnetic force into the human body. Other tests need to be done to find out why the magnetic force came in this person or it was way before that. Citizens do not have to panic about vaccination. If someone has such a magnetic force in their body, they will lose the magnetic force in a certain time. There are several such incidents registered way before this." - Dr. Prabhakar Mahajan, Magnetotherapist

"Sonar should be given an immediate medical test by the administration and the result should be given as soon as possible. Vaccination has nothing to do with this issue and it is not a divine power or a miracle or a superstition. Citizens should not believe rumours." - Dr. Thaksen Gorane, state gen secy, Anti-Superstition Committee

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