Don’t panic. Boost your own morale…
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Don’t panic. Boost your own morale…

Dinesh Sonawane

Dinesh Sonawane

These are tough times for most of us on business, home & even social front & we all looks at each others for moral boosting as most of us are scared for business or health from the impact by the unknown fear named Corona!! Dont wait, take lead & be a leader to boost moral of yourself and others.

The Don’ts:

At such time, try avoid reading negative news head lines or violence types programs on tv, delete any forward which may scare you than aware you as well don’t pass on such forwards neither discuss much about losses business are making & how all this has made impact on our work or industry as well health! Speak how good you can do than how bad things are! Dont start running around like sky has fallen with slightest of cough or sinus, just to your doctor with calm mind, don’t ignore it though.

The Do’s:

  • Use the free time at hand…Read inspiring stories from books or novels.
  • Watch light or good messege carrying movies of disney/ dreamworks on your TV or phones. Toy story, Iceage, Madagaskar, Coco, Clause, Marvel, End Game are few names of such movies, which will keep your mind believing in goodness and strength of togetherness & bonding.
  • Watch Nat Geo or Animal Planet where survival in adversities is the key in nature.
  • Indulge sometime at home in any hobby, reading, writing, painting anything u feel as thats best way to improve you as a person!
  • Most importantly do take care by using sanitizers and hygiene but start exercising if you are not doing and dont miss rather increase the workout intensity if you are exercising already. A long walk in open air or running depending up on your age is best way along with streching at home. As exercising not only makes you fit by body & and immunity it helps in best way to make your mind positive, which is need of not these times but all times!

– Sanjay Deshpande

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