Diwali: Spreading the light of happiness

Diwali: Spreading the light of happiness

Diwali is a festival that illuminates the earth, skies and brings joys abound in this world. It is a festival when the whole of India transcends into a land of myriad lamps. It has all the charm, grandeur, and splendor that can even illuminate our minds and hearts while promoting much-needed peace, harmony, and brotherhood in society. It is a festival that unifies every religion, home, and heart.

The festival of Deepavali has a deep spiritual meaning. It means the awareness of the inner light that has the power to outshine darkness and clear all obstacles in life. In simple words, Deepavali means an array of lights. Diwali’s essence lies in the shloka, ‘Tamaso ma jyotirgamaya’ which means “Lead me from darkness to light.” Similarly, we have to light the lamp of happiness, prosperity, and knowledge to dispel sorrow, poverty as well as disease.

As per the Vedanta, everyone has to fill his heart with the oil of love, light the wick with the knowledge of truth and ward off ignorance. It further states that we can kindle the light in many hearts just like a single diya can light many diyas.

The festival of Diwali reminds each one of us to understand that life is much more than a mere journey and it’s a continuous quest for truth and knowledge.

Unity in Diversity: The legends regarding Diwali also highlight the philosophical truth of the Vedas. The festival of Diwali binds people and is a synthesis of spirituality, religion, culture, and social values.

Even if the festival holds different stories through the north, west, and south of the country they remind us of the necessity to destroy evil forces and strengthen the divine. There is much historical significance to Diwali in almost all religions be it Hindu, Jain, Sikh. All celebrate Diwali with the same spirit. Diwali helps in fostering a sense of brotherhood as it encourages people to come together and celebrate the festival regardless of their background.

The divine light burns within us and all around us. Let this Diwali bring joy and happiness abound for humanity by dispelling the darkness of ignorance and many more evils that are wreaking havoc on mankind. Let the lights of happiness spread across the globe.

It is all about discovering the knowledge of our infinite potential and dispelling ignorance. Diwali is also resplendent of the dawn of knowledge through the inner light that is the enlightenment of the soul. Every year, Diwali brings us joy and happiness. We look forward to spending time with friends and family. Let us step forward to make the world a better place for ourselves and others.

Do something that can change the lives of children from vulnerable communities. What could be a better time than Diwali to show our love and concern for children who need it most? We can work together on this festival of light to overcome the problems our society still faces.

These are the ways I think we can help children. One of them is to help protect children from oppression, abuse. Help them build good health. Help by ensuring their access to education. Help them grow as good citizens by building their sensitivities. we will have made a big difference to society by doing this, but more importantly, we will make a difference to ourselves!

**Happy Diwali 2021!**

(Article by Dr. Latika Vaishak Shanbhag, Tutor & Coach)

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