District records 380 snake bite cases

12 died
District records 380 snake bite cases
Snake biteDistrict records 380 snake bite cases


The district has recorded a total of 380 snake bite cases in last seven months. Of them 12 persons died.

However, the number of snake bite cases have been reduced during monsoon season this time due to Corona outbreak.

After rainwater fills holes during monsoon, snakes come out in search of safe hiding place and food. As a result, snakes are sighted in high numbers. Medical officials and snake handlers have urged people to take care.

A total of 380 people were admitted to the district civil hospital from various parts of the district. Highest 80 snake bite cases were registered in June, while 78 in July. 60 snake bite cases were registered in May. Five died in June as they did not receive treatment in time. The number of snake bite cases is higher in tribal and rural areas.

Snakes are found near human habitat in the period between June to August. Various environmental and animal loving organnisations and snake handlers are creating awareness through social media urging citizens not to fear if they sight snake.

People should fill up holes in house and compound walls. They should wear shoes while walking on grass. People should not sleep on ground, appealed the snake handlers.

Snake bite cases

Month Snake bite Death

Jan 43 01

Feb 43 02

Mar 44 00

Apr 32 00

May 60 02

June 80 05

July 78 02

Total 380 12

In case of snake bite, first aid is very essential. Keep the person calm and at rest. Use wooden sticks to keep the bitten part straight. Immobilise the person to prevent spreading of poison to other parts of the body. In case of bite by cobra or rattle snake, victim has to give artificial oxygen some times. Do not pass much time and take the victim immediately to hospital. Do not cut wound. Anti-venom vaccine is available at all government hospitals.
Dr Suresh Jagdale, District civil surgeon
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