District gets 607 mm rainfall in 24 hours

Receives 76 percent of total rainfall
District gets 607 mm rainfall in 24 hours

NASHIK: From Tuesday 8:30 am to Wednesday 8:30am the district received a total of 607 mm rainfall. The Nashik district has received 76 percent of its total seasonal rainfall. This year, Nandgaon and Malegaon talukas are leading the district in rainfall, with, Nandgaon taluka receiving 133 per cent and Malegaon 114 per cent rainfall. The rest of the talukas are still below 90 per cent. It is still 15 per cent less than last year.

On Wednesday, 505 cusecs of water is being released from Nandurmadhyameshwar,16 cusecs from Valdevi, 150 cusecs from Kadwa, 251 cusecs from Haranbari and 636 cusecs from Nagasaki. While, the Gangapur dam is 92 per cent full. Palakhed is 89 per cent, Chankapur 90 per cent and Darna 95 percent. It was cloudy in Nashik all day today. It was raining sparsely from time to time.

The district received rainfall with Nashik 16. Igatpuri 29, Peth 46, Nandgaon 123, Chandwad 17, Trumbakeshwar 22, Surgana 69, Niphad 53, Baglan 46., Malegaon 33, Yavla 51, Sinnar 54, Deola 15, Kalvan 33, mm of rainfall. Last year the district had received It 91.90 percent of total rainfall till the same day. It has come down to 76 per cent this year.

Malegaon taluka has received 114 per cent rainfall, Igatpuri 80 per cent, Surgana 83 per cent, Baglan 81 per cent, Sinnar 73 per cent, Yeola 71 per cent and Nandgaon 133 per cent rainfall. Nashik has received 44% and Chandwad 39% rainfall. The district received 607 mm of rain in a single day yesterday.

Rains bash Nandgaon tehsil

Due to the presence of torrential rains in the taluka, including Nandgaon city, the Shakambhari and Lendi rivers in the cities have been flooded and water has accumulated in many parts of the city. About 123 mm rainfall has been recorded in the city and 404 mm in the tehsil. Citizens along the riverside have been evacuated to safer places. For the first time in the history of the railways, train services were disrupted for four hours due to water logging in the railway line at the station.

Meanwhile, all kinds of shops on the Lendi River bridge have been swept away by the flood waters due to the high water level after midnight. The houses of the residents of Panchal Street on Samata Marg have been washed away and the lives of the resident was in danger. The eastern part of the city has lost contact with the city due to high water level in the railway line, which has contributed to the city’s woes.

Rainfall (mm) in last 24 hours

  • Nashik - 16

  • Igatpuri - 29

  • Peth - 46

  • Nandgaon -123

  • Chandwad -17

  • Trimbakeshwar - 22

  • Surgana - 69

  • Nifad - 53

  • Baglan - 46

  • Malegaon - 33

  • Yeola - 51

  • Sinnar - 54

  • Temple -15

  • Report - 33

  • Total - 607

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