District gets 32,000 vaccines

District gets 32,000 vaccines

NASHIK: The district received 32,000 Covid vaccines on Wednesday. The vaccination at all government vaccination centres will be regularised as 8500 vaccines were distributed to Nashik Municipal Corporation, 2500 to Malegaon Municipal Corporation and the rest 21,000 vaccines were distributed to rural parts of the district. So far, 7,39,438 doses have been administered in the district. As there was a shortage of vaccines, the vaccination was nearly stopped.

After the supply of vaccines in the afternoon on Wednesday, the vaccines were administered to a total of 5,539 citizens. The Covid vaccination drive was started in the country and district on January 16, 2021 to curb the spread of Covid-19. However, as there was a shortage of vaccines in the district for the last two days, many vaccination centres were shut. With the availability of vaccines on Wednesday, vaccination was going on at 21 NMC vaccination centres and 36 centres across the district.

So far, 1,24,110 health and government workers were given the first dose, while the second dose to 51,190. A total of 2,29,441 senior citizens above 60 years took the first dose, while 46,237 citizens received the second dose. On the other, 2,51,965 citizens above 45 years got the first dose, while 31,924 citizens took the second dose. A total of 2,942 citizens took the first dose across the district on Wednesday.

Among them, 1,914 are from the NMC limit, while 890 are from rural parts of the district and 138 are from Malegaon. On the other, 2,497 citizens were administered the second dose. As per the announcement by the Central government, the vaccination drive for 18+ citizens across the country has been started from May 1st. On Wednesday, a total of 1,269 citizens were administered the dose at Pimpalgaon, Mohadi, Indira Gandhi hospital, NIMA (Malegaon) and urban primary health centre at Nashik Road. So far, 3,571 citizens above 18 years took the vaccine.

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