District court implementing no mask no entry rule

District court implementing no mask no entry rule

Nashik: The no mask no entry rule is being implemented strictly in the district court given the rise in Corona patients. Lawyers are worried over the possibility of hampering judicial work due to this.

After the Corona outbreak in the country, the High Court had decided to shut all courts. Hearings were going on in necessary judicial cases like bail application in criminal cases and interim bail plea.

The number of online hearing were increased after some months. However, they were not much beneficial. Following the decrease in Corona cases, everything was normalised in the state.

The regular functioning of the court was normalised since February 1. As Corona cases are increasing again, the government has instructed the district court to take all the necessary precautions.

Accordingly, it has been instructed to maintain social distancing, use mask, wash hands regularly and not gather unnecessarily. Following the order by the principal district and sessions judge, it has been instructed to take care in the court.

There is the entry of Corona in the district court some days ago. As district special public prosecutor Ajay Misar found contracted the virus, lawyers are worried. Therefore, more care is being taken as precautionary measures. A fine of Rs 300 will be recovered from those who will found without a mask in the court campus and a fine of Rs 1,000 for spitting.


  • Mask is mandatory for everyone entering the court campus

  • No entry for suspect having symptoms of Corona

  • Only pass holder vehicles allow entering the court

  • Complainants ordered not to stop in court campus without any purpose

  • It is mandatory to maintain social distancing, use of mask and sanitiser

  • A penal action against those who found flout the rules.

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