Digital Vasant Vyakhyanmala: Teacehers' role is key for success of new education policy: Dabak

Digital Vasant Vyakhyanmala: Teacehers' role is key for success of new education policy: Dabak

Nashik: The national education policy has a place of antiquity and a combination of technology. Therefore, the responsibility of students and teachers will increase, asserted educationist Mahesh Dabak.

On the subject of 'New Educational Policy', he gave the twenty-second lecture at the Digital Vasant Lecture Series. He also talked about the pre-independence education. McCauley was a pedagogy in the British monarchy.

The same system of education continued even after independence. The new educational policy will bury McCauley's ghost in Indian education system. Only educationists were included in the 2020 Education Policy Committee. The new policy also allows students to study without school and college, as well as their own ways of learning.

Dabak also said that education would be open in the true sense of the word as the policy allows for curriculum selection. Earlier there was competition in syllabus, marks, exams. The new policy is collaborative. It is a pleasing thing and technology has been added to imagination, creativity, innovation, ingenuity.

Due to its flexibility, this educational policy will be a testament to the knowledge tradition. The new education policy adopts primary, pre-secondary and secondary education system. It includes freedom to choose subjects, numeracy, infrastructure and enjoyable learning. This means that a PhD can be done even after graduation.

In addition, foreign university campuses are allowed. Mahesh Dabak expressed the need for teachers to change their mindset in such a situation. If students want online education in the national education policy, the role of the teacher will be a guide and it is the responsibility of the teachers to remove the 'traffic jam' in education and build a 'flyover' to enhance the prestige of education, Dabak said.

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