Digital market for handmade articrafts

Digital market for handmade articrafts portal

NASHIK: At present, e-commerce dominates the masses and the global market for products has become available through it. However, even the best products of local and small scale artisans and self-help groups cannot reach global consumers due to lack of digital knowledge. With this in mind, EndoCrafty has created a digital marketplace for handicrafts and handicrafts through startups. Many excellent products are being made by artisans and self help groups in rural as well as tribal areas.

However, these products are often limited to the local markets around them. Against this backdrop, Youth Inspirer Award winners Abhilash Wagh and Rupal Gujarathi have recently launched the portal with the aim of making it available to the global market. Meanwhile, the founder have said that there aim is not only to sell the products, but also to note the interesting journey of the producers, useful information about them, the rewards they have received available on the portal.

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