Devotees keep away from Ramkund; Crowd at Nandini

Chhath Puja
Devotees keep away from Ramkund; Crowd at Nandini

NASHIK: Every year, women devotees congregate at Ramkund on the banks of river Godavari for Chhath Puja. Devotees take a holy dip in the river and pay homage to the sun.

This year, however, the police administration did not permit the festival at Godaghat as well as to hold cultural events in the area as the threat of Corona was not over yet.

As a result, on Wednesday (Nov 10) evening, the North Indian brothers kept themselves away from Ramkund and preferred to perform Chhath Puja at their home.

With few exceptions, there was a silence in the Ramkund area. At the same time, the devotees thronged banks of the Nandini river for Chhath Puja due to restrictions at Ramkund.

Kartik Shukla Shashthi is worshiped by the North Indians with great reverence. The material required for this puja is purchased on earlier day. As the corona infection still persisted, the police administration denied permission to celebrate the Chhath Puja collectively.

Against this backdrop, a meeting was planned at the Panchavati police station under the aegis of senior PI Dr. Sitaram Kolhe. He denied permission to hold rituals at Ramkund.

For the second year in a row, the Chhath Puja festival, which is considered sacred among North Indians, has been denied permission by the government.

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