Development work, quarrying key reasons for man-animal conflict

Explains DCF Pankaj Garg, report of Task Force
Development work, quarrying key reasons for man-animal conflict

NASHIK: The sub committee of district, which is Eco Task Force has recently submitted a report about quarrying activities conducted near forest areas. These activities are not only destructive to mountains in the district but are proving fatal to biodiversity. It has been mentioned that the quarrying activities near forest areas is harming wildlife intensively.

Explaining the issue the Deputy Conservator of Forest, Nashik West Forest division, Pankaj Garg said, “We have submitted the report of task force. It has been observed that the wildlife has been disturbed in the areas where the quarrying and blasting activities are carried out near forest areas. It is one of the reason for Man-Animal Conflict.”

“Due to quarrying and blasting activities near the forest area the animals, birds and other wildlife goes into shock. The wildlife may relocated due to the development and the quarrying works conducted. We have quoted this in the report that it is one of the main reason in Nashik for increasing man-animal conflict”, added Garg.

Samruddhi Expressway

Asking about the recent attacks in Igatpuri and its link with Samruddhi Expressway work, Garg admitted that it may be one of the reason, it can be taken as an example. It possible that the quarrying and blasting activities conducted for Samruddhi have resulted into death of three-year-old in leopard attack. The eco system are interlinked. If any element from it is disturbed the whole eco system collapses. The locals here in Igatpuri have said that the leopard attacks have been observed from last two years, since the Samruddhi Expressway works have started.

Impact of quarrying

It has been mentioned in the report that the sound of blasting activities impact at least 2 kilometers of radius in the area where it is conducted. While the physical impact can been seen for 500 meter radius. The experts suggest that the impact is way more than said area, as the wildlife is more sensitive and there is no measure for it.

“Leopard are adaptable wild cats. They easily relocated from one place to another. The blasting and quarrying activities collapses the eco system. Animals, bird and animals who live underground are most vulnerable. Many snakes, birds and animals die in this process as they are highly sensitive.” - Vaibhav Bhogale, Wildlife Warden, Nashik district

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