Deshdoot Samwad Katta :  Collective efforts of society needed  for avoiding food wastage
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Deshdoot Samwad Katta : Collective efforts of society needed for avoiding food wastage

Nikheel Pardeshi

Nashik: The scenario of food wastage in parties, weddings, birthday and any celebration is very well known to us. The habit of eating out is also increasing in the city and food wastage is growing parallel to that. The egos of making events bigger, the big new trends of big fat weddings, showing off through multiple food items are leading to a lot of food wastage.

Deshdoot in its new initiative of developing ‘Civic Sense’ in Nashikites dedicated its special segement of Deshdoot Katta, on Saturday to Avioding Food Wastage issue. The discussion was joined by Varsha Ugale Gamne of Curry Leaves, Arun Natu of Natu Caterers, Praveen Pawar, manager Pancham and Mayur Bhandari, a social activist.

Food wastage has became a habit among people. A person whenever goes to any party or any wedding takes access food because of various reasons. The new buffet system of serving is one of the reasons for that. Many people are shy or lazy to stand in queue; so they take excess food in plate.

Sometimes out of fear that food may get over people take excessive amount of food and when they can’t finish it, they simply throw it, said the panel out of their experiences.  At parties of events people do not think even once before throwing food as they have not paid for it. Where as in hotels there is lesser food wastage as people pay cost for it, observed the experts.

The panel suggested that the youngsters should be taught the right values of food. They should be shown the reality of the world that many children sleep empty stomach. The food items should be kept minimum in ceremonies and events to avoid food wastage. it was suggested.

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