Deshdoot Samvad katta : Need of awareness on organ donation: Experts

Deshdoot Samvad katta : Need of awareness on organ donation: Experts


Awareness is very much needed in organ donation. India can become world donor of organs but due to lack of awareness and limitations of mechanism and facilities the country is lacking behind. In the state of Maharashtra after Pune, Nashik is the second most preferred place of organ donation; Mumbai comes after Nashik. The awareness is increasing among people. More and more people are coming forward for organ donations but not in the number which it should be, expressed a panel of experts in Deshdoot Samvad Katta.

Organ donation can be a lifesaver to many individuals. By donating their organs one can save multiple lives. To discuss the scenario of Organ Donation, its awareness and green corridor, panel of experts expressed their views at Deshdoot Samwad Katta. The discussion was joined by Dr Bahusaheb More, Dr Rajendra Nehete, plastic surgeon, Dr Pankaj Gupta, anaesthetist and Dr Raj Nagarkar, onco surgeon.

The experts said that the decision of the organ donation of the brain dead patient is very emotional for the relatives of that patient. The problem is the vital organs can be taken only from such patients. Coma is different from brain dead condition. Patient in brain dead condition cannot go back to normal life; the patient is just artificially living on a ventilator; whereas a coma patient has many chances to survive back to life. An organ donor can donate many vital organ as well as skin. The only challenge is to counsel the relatives to take the decision. The change is there in people and many are coming forward.

Skin donation is also possible within six hours of death. The donor can be of any age group. Skin donation is also life-saving in patents of burn cases. Patients who got burnt up to 72 per cent have been saved by skin donation. Similarly, the bone marrow can also be donated by people. A healthy person can easily donate their bone marrow and the stem cells can be stored for such patients. Facilities for organ, skin, bone marrow donation and transplant are available in Nashik and the city is taking many steps to increase the awareness on such a noble deed.

The experts said that the Green Corridor is possible with the help of police administration and in Maharashtra, the police give first priority to such cases. The panel requested people to get aware about organ donation. One can save many lives even after his death.

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