Deshdoot Awareness on Civic Sense : Shaping social behavior to sustain society’s safety on roads
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Deshdoot Awareness on Civic Sense : Shaping social behavior to sustain society’s safety on roads

Gaurav Pardeshi

Gaurav Pardeshi

Bhagyashri Umadi


To look at our surroundings as a system where optimistically more sane and civilized people inculcate scientific disciplined behaviour to understand public places as their playground to display civility in the society and follow particular behavioural pattern requested at the playground with the aim of achieving a stable and satisfied society has been a distant dream. Social behaviour plays a vital role in maintaining the city’s aura.

Traffic and road mishaps are caused not by lack of knowledge or skills but by lack of motivation to behave safely and decently when in public and several other factors like time, monotonous attitude and negligence. It is a conscious belief system that triggers certain behaviour that leads to these involuntary actions influencing irrational behaviour and absurd attitude amongst the folks.

People’s behaviour cannot be changed unless the person understands the underlying reasons, interconnections and takes the responsibility of their own persona. One frequently observed example could be of pedestrians waiting at the zebra crossing having the right of way and the driver is obligated to stop but the vice-versa is often noticed. The pedestrians must be allowed to cross in their own time and the drivers and motorists should not harass them by edging forward, honking constantly or even reviving their engines. But such is not the case which creates chaos in and around the city.

Even during accidents, the onlookers fail to help to fear of being falsely implicated as the accused. They are more worried about being trapped as a witness in a court case and if the victim is being helped taken to the hospital, the pressure of bearing medical treatment fees competes with humanity within. The current state of liveability and humanity needs to be correlated to understand the importance of social behaviour as it is believed, the city is known by the people living in it.

These days the level of tolerance amongst our folks has adequately dropped down to a level where they fail in understanding each other’s situation. People are still biased over caste, creed and culture and this reflects on roads and public places failing to accept differences in opinions and cultures. Awareness and discussion on social behaviour should be a priority so that the people really understand what is expected out of them.

– Dr Sanjay Salve, Sociology Professor

Change in attitude, acceptance of inappropriate behaviour with the desire to act right and replacing the negative to positive self-talk can change the present scenario that we all are aware of. The self-talks while breaking any kind of rule is very important as it helps you think twice about the action being committed. The appropriate way of talking to yourself could be that I need to follow the rules for my safety and I am being followed by my younger ones.

– Aarthi Hire, Psychologist