Deolali's Puri Bhaji to set Guinness Book Record

Distribution of 92 lakh packets in 24 years
Deolali's Puri Bhaji to set Guinness Book Record

DEOLALI CAMP: The Puri Bhaji Center, started by Maharaj Biramani and his family through the Rotary Club with the aim of ensuring that no poor person goes hungry without food and water at the Deolali, has distributed 92 lakh packets in 24 years and the initiative will soon be recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Biramani was speaking at the event organized by Rotary Club Deolali's Puri Bhaji Center on the occasion of its 24th anniversary. The centre is stepping in its 25th year. He said that for the last 24 years, the poor have had many experiences of providing meals at minimal prices through the Puri-Bhaji Center, by keeping this single motive Puri-Bhaji Center is working. On the occasion, Rotary President Nandini Karia felicitated Maharaj Biramani and Roma Birmani, as well as all the staff working at the Puri Vegetable Center.

On September 24, the centre set a record to distribute 92 lakh packets through the center and the initiative has been honored by the Bill Gates Foundation. The program was inaugurated by lighting of the lamp at the hands of the President. Rotary members Hitesh Karia, Asha Shetty, Baba Shetty, Sunita Adke, Ad Ashok Adke, Nivedita Athani, Anant Athani, Dr Arun Swadi, Sandaya Raghavan, Murli Raghavan, Shila Kamat and Mohan Kamat, Ajay Dhawan, Rishikesh Verma and others were present Dnyaneshwar Shinde, Sham Balkwade and staff of the center were present.

Puri Bhaji centre Since 1997
The Puri Bhaji Centre at Deolali is serving poor and needy since 1997. From last 24 years this centre is providing the food packet sometimes free, sometimes at minimal rate of Rs 5 since last one year. The centre provided food packet as per the condition of person or money he has in pocket. From one, two to five rupees the center takes any money as per the will of person. Most of the packets are distributed free among poors.

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