Deolali needs protective fence on Nagzira Nala

Deolali needs protective fence on Nagzira Nala

Nashik: The rest road on Nagzira Nala of Deolali Camp, connecting Deolali to Bhagur, doesn't have any kind of protective fence thus, increasing the chances of accidents.

Earlier this month, a two-wheeler rider was seriously injured when he fell into a ditch with his wife. There has been a demand for increasing the height of the bridge for the last several days, but the Cantonment administration is allegedly neglecting this work.

Meanwhile, as no protective wall or fence were installed, many people have been seriously injured after falling into the nala at night after tripping over heavy stones on both sides of the road.

During monsoons, water overflows from this nala; giving rise to traffic. For this, the height of the bridge needs to be increased. The Cantonment administration has not built fences on either side of the road or installed protective pipes, so the problem has remained the same for years.

The residents of Sathe Nagar, Stationwadi area state no action is being taken even after informing the people's representatives along with the administration from time to time. The question of whether the administration is waiting for a major accident after falling off the bridge to finally put up a fence.

Dangerous turn

Due to the sudden turn from Lam Road to Bhagur, residents often do not see the incoming vehicles. That is why accidents happen at this place. This issue also needs to be addressed by the administration.

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