Dense fog worries farmers

Grapes, onion crops to get affected in Nashik and Niphad
Dense fog worries farmers

NASHIK: The hailstorm, unseasonal rains, and now cloudy weather and dense fog has became another reason to worry for farmers. On one hand the people are enjoying the fog, on the other hand the farmers are worried about their grape and onion crop. A dense fog had spread in Niphad taluka, Nashik Monday morning.

Due to unseasonal rains and foggy conditions in the state in the first week of December, onion growers have became restless. They are facing facing crop loss from last three years due to Covid as well as the weather conditions. The foggy weather affects onion as well as the grape crop, which are most important for farmers in Nashik, in order to earn their livelihood. It will also effect on the cattles, poultry business as well as vegetable growers in the district.

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