Demand to resume ST bus service in Deolali

Demand to resume ST bus service in Deolali

DEOLALI CAMP: Traders’ community and various organisations have demanded to resume the ST bus service for Deolali Camp, which was stopped by Cantonment 10 years ago. Earlier, the ST bus used to halt at the old bus stop, adjacent to Howson road, in the middle of the market. The old location was convenient for all the residents and consumers coming to the market to purchase clothing and other items.

The new bus stop, near Deolali Camp police station, is half a km away from the main market. Customers and residents have to resort to rickshaws or other transport facilities to reach the main market. At present, only NMC’s LPG buses are functioning in Deolali, and they only use the Anand Road to commute. Ten years ago, the Cantonment Board of Deolali restricted the entry of MSRTC buses to control the traffic in the town.

The facilities were shifted to the new bus stop, and the customers needed other modes of transport to reach the market. Even shopkeepers want the buses to halt at the old location to increase their business. From time to time, the Civil Action Committee of Deolali, through Suresh Kadam and late Sanjay Godse, has requested the Board and corporators to resume the bus service to the old bus stop.

As they didn’t succeed, MP Hemant Godse stepped in to boost the growth of one of famous North Maharashtra’s markets. He had written a letter to the board four years ago asking them to reschedule the bus service by taking into account the sentiments of residents and traders. During the discussions in the Board meeting, military officials maintained the decision to deny permission to the buses. The board’s corporators supported the residents and shopkeepers and requested the board for the resumption of services.

However, the board denied the permission, leaving everyone helpless. The previous board members had met the former ST Minister Diwakar Raote and demanded the resumption of bus services to the main market. However, due to military instability and the board’s traffic congestion points, the permission was once again denied.

Traders have raised a question stating that if amry vehicles and big private trucks can pass from the main market without causing vehicular traffic, why only ST buses are barred from entering the market area? If the new NMC buses pass by Deolali’s Wadner road, Zenda Chowk, and Road Selection Corner, everyone will benefit greatly. Citizens demand that the Cantonment Board of Deolali, Military officials, Nashik Municipal Corporation, and people’s representatives should hold a joint meeting to discuss the issue and allow buses to pass from the above-mentioned points to aid the consumers and shopkeepers.

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